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Mrs. Jane Bonomo
School Nurse
201.599.4178 x1600

Dr. Thomas S. Bottiglieri
School Physician


Students with Allergies
Those students that require medication for allergies must bring in the medicine and the signed form from the physician.  The physician must be specific with what the student is allergic to and exactly what needs to be done.  These forms must be updated each year.  I can keep the Benadryl and/or Epi-pen until the expiration date; then they must be replaced.  These forms are available in the nurse's office.

Student Physicals

Please be advised that all students participating in a sport must have a physical every year. Beginning this year, our school physician must review and sign all completed physical forms. Those athletes that are not due to have a physical in the Summer/Fall, will be approved as their physicals become due. Please call the school nurse Mrs. Bonomo 201-599-4178 X 1600 if you have any questions.

The form is available in the department files listed below or through the nurse's office at the high school.

*As per the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act (ABR) (P.L.2010, c.122), Emerson Public Schools has posted its Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act grades to the school district's webpage and to each individual school's webpage. Please feel free to contact Denise Connon, Anti-Bullying Coordinator if you have any questions.*

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator: Denise Connon
Memorial Anti-Bullying Specialist: Kristy Friedman
Villano Anti-Bullying Specialist: Kristin Gagliano

HIB District and School Self-Assessment Grade Report
HIB District Policy